It’s as simple as making a cup of tea, the only difference is you never serve it hot, you must always allow it to cool before serving, yes even if fido is drooling!



Pour 1 cup of boiling water over tea bag

Allow to infuse for 5 mins



Remove tea bag & allow to cool



Serve in dog bowl with additional 2 cups of water

NEVER serve hot


1 teabag for dogs under 50lbs

2 teabags for dogs over 50lbs

Not suitable for dogs under 6 months

If your dog is pregnant or has an on-going health issue consult a vet first


For maximum effectiveness add as a daily supplement to your dogs water bowl and let them drink it slowly throughout the day as they would plain water.


Top tip! We know time is precious so brew several days worth up at once and keep in the fridge, topping up when you need to. 


Our Barking Mad Tea can also be enjoyed by pouring over food or on a hot day making a Popsicle!